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Current Group Support Programs

Child Support Groups

Child Support Groups are provided for children who have experienced Domestic Violence in their families. Material presented helps participants to deal with their experiences of abuse and to reduce the risk that they, themselves, will become involved in abusive relationships as adults. Sessions are facilitated by an experienced Child & Parenting Support Worker and a successful young Armidale musician, and use music as a key medium to help the children develop self esteem, personal boundaries and protective behaviours. Participants learn skills that will assist them to maintain healthy relationships. In addition the children are guided through a number of cooking and craft activities, and participate in outings. One of the most important outcomes of the Child Support Groups is the development of a “safe” social environment where participants can feel valued and respected, while learning important life skills.

Creative Play

The Creative Play program is offered in recognition of the stress that is placed on the parent-child relationship during times of family upheaval. Traumatic experiences such as domestic violence can undermine a parent’s ability to empathise with her children, and to be consistent in fostering their healthy emotional and social development. Women who have lived in an abusive relationship sometimes find it difficult to put aside their pain and anxiety and to connect with their children in a healthy and playful way. The Creative Play program is run on Mondays and Fridays facilitated by WSA Child & Parenting Support Workers. The program fosters the building of empathy, trust, nurturing and appropriate boundaries in a supportive environment, and assists mothers to develop play skills that will help them connect with their children in a constructive manner. This program is a vital component of our strategy to assist women to build strong nurturing relationships with their children. In previous years Creative Play had been offered only to resident clients however currently the program is offered to non-resident clients as well.